Title: Many The Miles

Artist: Sara Bareilles

Played: 181 times


Many The Miles - Sara Bareilles


eating food while waiting for your other food to be ready

I’ve literally been hiding and crying in a closet for three hours so no one can find me because of stress and depression

This is all because I can’t handle the responsibility of babysitting how fucking awful am I that being responsible and caring for another human being stresses me out do much I feel the need to retreat and hide and want to fucking kill myself

I am the most pathetic person

Huh I was never really in any Harry Potter fandom circles because I only read them like 2 years ago but like do people hate Umbridge because of…pink?

I thought it was kind of unspoken that Umbridge is not cool because of the abuse of minors and awful prejudice and actively taking away the jobs of fantastical minorities and things???